My professional services are dedicated to your complete satisfaction for quality, cost and delivery time. It is my personal commitment to provide a translated text in Dutch that is just as pleasant to read, as clear and in the same timbre as in the original text.


I translate from the source languages English and French into Dutch (native language). With every project I stress the following basic elements:


Readability: Is the translation pleasant to read without compromising the source text? Is the text on subject and not a dry or too literal translation?
It goes without saying that different languages have different grammatical and stylistic rules; for example, the structure of a sentence and the use of punctuation. I apply all these rules when I translate your documents.


Contents: If the content is not preserved, the translation does not meet its main objective.
The translated version must contain the same information as the source document.


Target: A translation that is authentic to the contents but badly or too literally formulated, remains a translation instead of a vivid expression. Your texts in the new language should meet the same goal, the same sound and should have the same effect on the reader as you have in mind with the source document. I therefore concentrate on the style and everything that goes with it: punctuation, syntax, idiom, registry and (technical) terminology.


Completeness: The end-result must be to the customer’s satisfaction. You must know and feel that the translation is complete, that it is good value for money and that it is delivered at the agreed time and, especially, that it meets your specific needs, (e.g., maintaining the font style, the layout, the HTML-tags for search engine optimisation, etc.). I therefore use special translation software and other advanced language tools.


Confidentiality: I guarantee – if applicable – to ensure the confidentiality of your documents.


Communication: If I encounter uncertainties or inadequacies in the source text, I will contact you for clarification or explanation so that the text does not need to be unnecessarily reviewed afterwards.


And what about proofreading?